Reflective Writing Prompt(Job Shadow)

(1)I learned that in this presentation that you had to really keep things interesting for your classmates to care. But I have also learned you also must keep things in check, you can’t do it at last minute and expect great things.

(2) I believe I did really well because I told more then what was in the presentation. For example, for the x-ray pictures, I explained what was healthy and what causes chiropractors to come to help.

(3) A lot of being calm its hard sometimes to be a center of attention when you barely know anybody in the classroom, so definitely being calm. Another technique I could learn is to explain my slides because its ok to look back at it sometimes.

(4)  I would have changed my slide count, it was 18 but I should have made it 20 slides. I would also have changed certain slides because they were almost the same.

(5)(A) I wish I would have taken my time with it and not do it at last second.

(B) If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t be so nervous based on my previous outcome score.

(C) Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I really should of Job Shadowed

PlayDoh Z

 This Playdoh Project is important to me because it represents my favorite show/s Dragon Ball Z/Super. I have grown up with this show its been a big part of my life. The first show started in 1986. This means a lot because it gives me the inspiration to do a lot of things like create stories of my own and make myself creative.